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There was a mild cheer for this quite limited move and a huge one when he told attendees they would all walk away with a free Oculus Go VR headset - some people are easily pleased.
Cox said users of this feature could browse and unlock local events and message others planning to gay affære dating attend.
"I see the Oculus Go headset as quite awkwardly positioned versus existing technology in the market said Piers Harding-Rolls.
Chris Cox, the chief product officer, said the dating feature would be opt-in and safe and that the company took advantage of the unique properties of the platform.Zuckerberg, as well as Chris Cox, Facebooks chief product officer, stressed that the feature is designed to spark meaningful connectionsnot help you find your next hookup.Their product could be great for US/Russia relationships.The firm's larger Oculus Rift headsets have proved less popular than many industry insiders had predicted, and appear to have been outsold by Sony's less powerful PlayStation VR gear.Hate button In a separate development, some US-based users have reported that a new prompt has appeared beneath posts on their News Feed asking them if the messages contain hate speech.He said the opt-in feature would focus on "real long-term besparelser obligationens løbetid relationships, not just hook-ups and would exclude existing friends from potential matches.The announcement sparked gasps from the crowd and seemed to attract the most interest from the audience during Zuckerbergs short speech, which focused on the companys widening privacy scandal, new safeguards meant to protect users data and misinformation and fake news on the site.
Mark Zuckerberg says app, which shares some features with Tinder, aims to build real long-term relationships not just hookups.
Mr Zuckerberg said that this was a "major breach of trust" that must never happen again.Facebook is launching a new dating app on the social media platform, its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced at an annual developer conference on Tuesday, unveiling a feature designed to compete with popular services like Tinder.It worked not unlike the experience of swiping through Tinder profiles does today.Cambridge Analytica scandal, many users are reluctant to share more personal information with the social network, especially intimate data related to romantic preferences.And now Tinder, as well as apps like it, will have to compete with Facebook itselfan app everyone is already using.I know that were making a positive difference in peoples lives.Photograph: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP.Privacy row, facebook has faced fierce criticism ever since it emerged that it had failed to check whether political consultancy Cambridge Analytica had deleted data harvested about millions of its users.